Additional services

Our extremely well-equipped workshop offers a comprehensive repair
and maintenance service – from axle alignment to cylinder block boring.

Christian Reich and his team offer a broad range of specialised additional
services for your commercial vehicle – always in top quality.

Axle repairs/maintenance

  • All types of rear and front axle repairs (also for construction and agricultural machines)
  • Checking of mountings, wheel sets, longitudinal adjustment, lateral adjustment, wheel hubs
  • Repair/replacement of parts subject to findings
  • Determination and fine-tuning of friction coefficients and dimensional tolerances

Spring repairs

  • Induction heating and customised curling of spring eyes
  • Blasting of spring leaves by radius

Fault diagnosis

  • Reading of faults with tester (Star Diagnostics or Texa)
  • Presentation of findings and diagnosis
  • If applicable, processing and clearing of faults

Lifting platform

We have an eight metre long Finkbeiner lifting platform which is freely
accessible from all sides, has a lifting force of 28 tonnes and an infinitely
adjustable lifting height up to 3.5 m – ideal for cleaning and conserving vehicles.

Tyre fitting and balancing

With our modern tyre fitting machine, we can quickly replace worn tyres
(car, truck, agricultural and construction machines) up to a particular size.
Static wheel balancing prevents annoying and damaging vibration at the
steering wheel.

Retarder repairs

  • Retarder dismantling
  • Cleaning
  • Replacement of gasket set, bearing, membrane and all O-rings
  • Partial replacement of retarder insert
  • Retarder reassembly
  • Leak-tightness testing

Welding work

We carry out the widest variety of welding tasks on housings,
rear axles, frames, add-on parts, tanks, etc. in professional quality.
The tools we use include:

  • TIG welders (cast aluminium)
  • MIG welders (steel, stainless steel)
  • Electrode welders (cast steel)

Panel beating

Our experts recondition driver’s cabs after accidents.
We repair and replace side panels, pillars, brackets, bumpers
and windscreens. Repairs after stone chip damage are also
completed promptly.

Steering knuckle bearing repairs

Thanks to our special steering knuckle press,
steering knuckle mountings can be replaced without removing
the front axle – this saves time.

Hydraulik hose pressing

  • Hydraulic hoses made to measure
  • Replacement of all connections
  • Pressing with new crimp sleeves